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Huangshan Hotspring Resort

Huangshan Hot Spring Resort is located in the hot spring area about 612 meters above sea level in Huangshan Scenic Area, located in the south of Zishi Peak and on the north bank of Taohua Creek; Huangshanyupingsuodao station is within easy reach. The bathing area is a patchwork combination of various types of Tangchi stars and is distributed in the Alpine Forest Park.Huangshan Hot Spring Resort Hotel is located in the scenic Huangshan Mountains, the secret area of Gaolinmi, summer temperature around 20 degrees, is your leisure, vacation, summer ideal place. There are many natural cultural landscapes around the hotel, such as: Lansheng Bridge, Mingquan Bridge, Yiran Pavilion, Laoquan Eye, Dahao Heshan, Xu Xiake Statue, Renzi Waterfall, Baizhangquan, Bailong Bridge, Guanfalls Building, and Toutao House. Wait. Leisure, walk among them, the mood is indifferent, leisure free!The hotel is based on the theme of Tangchi Bath, meetings, convalescence, and leisure vacation. It consists of Yongquan Building(formerly Huangshan Hotel), Wangquan Building(formerly Xuanyuan Hotel, with its own restaurant), spa area, Huangshan International Convention Center and other independent buildings. There are warm and elegant rooms suitable for leisure and leisure, as well as a hot spring international conference center that meets the needs of business travelers. The conference center is equipped with more than 10 meeting rooms of different sizes, styles, and facilities to meet different types of meetings. Demand. Huangshan Hot Spring Resort Hotel welcomes you from afar!

Hotel Adress:
Hot Spring Scenic Area, Mountain Huangshan

Hotel Reservation Telephone:
0559-2589333 (CouponCode:12979) (Busy or no answer, online booking please!)

Hotel Front Desk Telephone:
0086559-2589333 (Catering, conference,sauna,entertainment, Invoice, traffic)

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